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Anonymous said: dear person I'm jealous of


Dear person I’m jealous of,

Please know I don’t mean it when I’m crying in the middle of the night wishing you didn’t exist, I’m just hurt that you so easily took my world.
Also know I don’t mean it when I wish you’d die in a horrible way, I’m sure you’re lovely, that’s why you won.
I really do hope you’re happy but don’t forget that amazing things like that aren’t just sitting alone, someone’s there. So don’t just sit next to them and steal them away, that’s all.

So relevant.

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when im at my loneliest

when im at my loneliest

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There are millions of beautiful girls out there, and you’re one attractive guy. What gives me the right to even think of having a chance with you? I am nothing.

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I pray you’re written for me.

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I live my life in fear.

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